QuickMe up!

QuickMe® provides you a convenient way to get any service quickly, and it is a platform for local or international shopping of products what you define!

Are you outside, busy with something or far away from the shops?
Or, it is just not possible to go out?
Or, you want something from a different country and you can not find it in the online stores?
Or do you want somebody else to do the job?

Place a request and our network of providers will get you the thing quickly!
It can be a product or a service, you can be anywhere, YOU DO NOT NEED TO PROVIDE A HOME OR WORK ADDRESS.
You can be on the beach or anywhere public, the provider will see the location of the request and also your actual location if you wish.

Uniquely at QuickMe, if you order a delivery, the price of the service and the price of the items are separated, and you only pay the real price of the items at the end! The provider will give you the receipt and the difference between your estimated price and the real price will be refunded. This enables you to choose the best service/delivery offer independently from the price of the items.

Also, QuickMe provides 100% money back guarantee, if you did not get what you ordered or the delivery was late.

QuickMe is SAFE. When you order, accept the offer and pay, your money is deposited to our escrow service and the provider will get it only if you are are satisfied.

QuickMe network

QuickMe is also an opportunity for you to earn extra money if you are happy to help other people near you. More than 2,000 people join us as a provider every month! You can filter the requests by location, price interval and description also, so you do not get unwanted requests. You are absolutely free and you can decide to serve or not on case by case basis.

Uniquely at QuickMe, the price of the delivery/service and the price of the items are separated, and QuickMe does not deduct any fees from the price of the items! This enables you to give a good offer and you do not need to worry about the cost of the items.

Why QuickMe?

Other platforms QuickMe®
Usually just the one or the other QuickMe® offers both product delivery and service providers
Offers delivery based on GPS? None QuickMe® offers
Platform fees on products? 15-20% 0%
Platform fees on services? 15-20% 10%
Product and service price separation? None Always
Minimal feasible order? $20-100 depending on the country $1-10 depending on the country
Average distance between client and provider? (in csse of physical orders) 5-10 km Less than 1 km
Can be used for international shopping of products inaccessible online? None YES
All features available in the app? Rarely YES


If you have any idea or questions, please write email to: QuickMe at chillio.com

You can also visit our Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/QuickMe.com.au/